Filatura Dall’alto
Filatura Dall’alto
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Filatura Papi Fabio celebrates its 125th anniversary. Founded in 1890, and passed down from father to son for five generations, this entrepreneurial tradition has since then set the standard for the world of spinning. Our mill, located in the town of Gaggio Montano nestled in the hills of Bologna, employs over 70 workers and is responsible for an annual production of over 1.5 million kilos of yarn. Our product ranges from the most classic and traditional counts to the finest (nm 45,000), latest goal in the production of the thinnest possible “Woollen Yarns”.

Carded Spinning

Papi Fabio has recently expanded their selection to include a new line of classic worsted yarns. Initially developed in 2008, these qualities are spun from the finest cashmere, silk, wool, and blended fibers, with counts ranging from Nm 2/48.000 to Nm 2/120.000.

Worsted Spinning

Thanks to our strong business relationships with some of the most popular knitwear and woven brands in the world, our international sales have increased by no small amount. Our turnover is now contingent in equal parts on our domestic and international business.

A company founded on solid traditions, Filatura Papi Fabio is unique in our flexible approach to business. We pride ourselves on our immediate response to market demands and their synthesis with the latest fashion trends. Each department in our business works seamlessly and fluidly as a whole. Our research and development department is at the forefront of yarn innovation, and responsible for the continuation of excellence in spinning.